Thursday, May 14, 2009


Hollywood Assistants like Wally’s. The funny thing about working in Hollywood is that even though the economy is in the toilet and corporations all over the country are making extreme cutbacks, a few things always hold true. Certain execs will continue to use their private jets, even if that means they must sacrifice every assistant working at their company, leaving only their SVPs to roll their calls for them. Agents will still order the $40 filet mignon for lunch at the Grill on the Alley and leave it untouched as they pitch clients for 45 minutes straight to the producer sitting across the table from them. And expensive bottles of wine will constantly transverse the greater Los Angeles area to serve as a way to say “Thank You”, “Congratulations”, “Mazel Tov”, “Happy Birthday”, “Condolences”, and “Sorry that your summer blockbuster opened to only $4.5 million”.

That’s why Wally’s is the go-to destination for assistants in search of the perfect gift… or at least a fail proof solution to the standard “Send Bob a bottle of something. Something nice!” order. Don’t let the name fool you. I know it might conjure up images of National Lampoon’s Vacation and the Griswold family’s doomed trip to Wally World. But don’t worry – you won’t have to kidnap John Candy to get them to give you the goods.

Wally’s means business and they know their stuff. They seem to stock every varietal imaginable, including many that I’ve never heard of… and I consider myself quite the wine-o. Trust me - we didn’t cover Nebbiolo or Verdelho in my college wine tasting class. And they’re also dependable and willing to help you out in a slight pinch or a Class 5 Mega-Crisis. I have a friend who left five bottles of $100 wine in her car on a 90 degree day and all of the bottles popped and leaked. She stumbled into Wally’s in tears and they swapped out her bottles for new ones free of charge. They saved her $500 and the wrath of her boss. How’s that for service?

On a personal note, I love Wally’s because… well… how should I put it? Ok, the guys that work there are HOT. And a hot guy who knows about wine is pretty much my ultimate fantasy. And not only are they hot and know more about vino than the sommelier at Cut, but they have great personalities, too. These guys give great phone. I eagerly anticipate any gift-giving occasion because I know that I will get to call Wally’s and be Miss Flirty McFlirt for 5 minutes and hang up with a huge smile on my face. It’s like having phone sex, except not dirty and including a discussion about tannins. And in the midst of a normal day full of the standard drudgery, a short conversation that leaves you in a good mood can make all the difference. Oh, and they’ve never once fucked up an order for me. I should probably emphasize that, too.

So let’s review – they’re knowledgeable, reliable, personable, AND attractive. There are many, many wine stores that make deliveries in LA, but Wally’s will always be my #1. It’s the old standby and consistently delivers and impresses. Hopefully one day I’ll be able to use them to send birthday gifts to my friends – on my dime.


COST: Just charge it to the account, k? Thanks sugar!

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