Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Hollywood Assistants like Mint.com. Hi guys. It’s nice to see you again. We’ve missed you. And we’re not just saying that – we’re not total disingenuous Hollywood assholes…yet. We love each and every one of you loyal readers. So we apologize for our lack of posts of late. Unfortunately we are actual working stiffs (hence why our posts have such authenticity), and even more unfortunately, we’re actually expected to do work sometimes. I know. Quelle horreur!

But someone’s gotta bring home the bacon. Well, at least until we 1) get a book deal or 2) marry someone rich. So like, if you know anyone who could help us out with either of those items on our to-do list, drop us a line at 1stassistant@stuffhollywoodassistantslike.com. But until that day arrives where they back up the dump truck full of cash to our front door, we’re in charge of raking in our own dough and seeing that it’s managed responsibly. That’s why we’re huge fans of Mint.com.

We’ve made no secret that we make minor duckets at our thankless jobs. And we’re not complaining. We knew what we were getting ourselves into when we decided to attempt a climb up the Hollywood ladder. But subsisting on such a meager income makes managing your (teeny tiny pile of) money all the more important. LA is an expensive city and if you aren’t careful you can find yourself in a mess of debt quicker than you can say “Another round of Patron shots, please!”

Mint makes tracking your money a breeze. It allows you to put all of your accounts in one place so you can clearly see your total financial picture. It also has all sorts of neat-o features like graphs that tell you exactly how much money you’ve spent at bars in the last six months. If that number is approaching the amount of a down payment on a WeHo condo, then perhaps its time to spend a few more nights in (it’s just a suggestion… we are in a recession, after all). Mint also suggests financial offers that will save you money, based on your profile. I’m saving $192 this year just by transferring a credit card balance to another card. And obviously it’s my civic duty to pump that money back into our economy by buying a new pair of designer jeans. Thanks for making me more fiscally responsible, Mint! We also hear Mint offers a nifty iPhone application so you can track your money on the go. Being Blackberry people, we can’t vouch for it, but it sounds pretty cool. (Note to Mint: get on the bberry train already).

So in case you haven’t heard, thrift is in. Hemorrhaging money is out. Being honest with yourself about your spending is the first step to becoming financially solvent, and Mint is our preferred means of having that talk with ourselves. You know, the one where you sit yourself down over a cup of joe and say “You know, self… I’m really worried about you. You need to be honest with me. What can we really afford?” Your wallet will thank you.

WHERE: www.mint.com
COST: Free to use. Unknown amounts of money gained once you realize that you’re wasting $65/month on valets and make yourself park at a meter 20 feet away from the restaurant.

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