Saturday, June 28, 2008

Mad Men

Hollywood Assistants like MAD MEN. Summer television is such a depressing wasteland. The lack of quality things to watch forces me to Tivo CELEBRITY CIRCUS and get excited for the Raven Symone/Wayne Newton death match on CELEBRITY FAMILY FEUD. It's bleak, bleak times. Don't get me wrong - watching Peter Brady light himself on fire is somewhat entertaining. But it's also rotting my brain. I feel myself getting stupider.

That's why I am so psyched that MAD MEN is coming back on July 27th. Picking favorite TV shows is, for me, akin to picking a favorite child. I just can't choose. But MAD MEN ranks right up there in my top 5. It isn't the disappointing son that dropped out of junior college. No, this baby got his MBA at Harvard. MAD MEN is truly one of the best things on TV right now because it is so well-written and incredibly engrossing. It has the most amazing ensemble cast. I am obsessed with Christina Hendricks, Jon Hamm, John Slattery, and Elizabeth Moss. And I love all of the guys who play the junior execs. My particular favorite is Rich Sommer, who plays his extramarital affair with such a wide-eyed bumbling innocence that it's hard not to love him. (Also, he has the cutest baby ever and I'm addicted his blog.)

Fellow Hollywood Assistants: it is a sin if you're not watching this show. It is a paragon of everything we should be encouraging our bosses to create. It is also hard to watch it without feeling a kinship with the steno pool at Sterling-Cooper.

Sure, we might have laptops instead of typewriters and, thank god, we don't have to wear girdles (but I will take their wardrobe any day... just leave the scary undergarments behind). But the unswerving loyalty to our bosses is still the same. So are the office politics and the feeling that for every great idea that comes to fruition, there are 1000 assistant (or secretary) man hours behind it. Thankfully the sexual politics have progressed somewhat. Women actually have a prayer of advancing in 2008, which was a rare thing in 1960. But to quote HAIRSPRAY, "We've come so far but we've got so far to go." (Ok, removing Gloria Steinem hat now.)

So please, I beg you, watch MAD MEN. I promise you will love it, thank me for it, and feel cool for being a part of the cultural zeitgeist. Also, I vote for reviving the lunchtime martini and the 4 o'clock office happy hour. Who's with me? Let's start a revolution.

WHERE: New season - AMC, Sundays at 10:00 pm, starting July 27th. Or season 1 on Amazonon July 1st. Or on iTunes. Or on OnDemand beginning June 30th. Or a season 1 marathon on AMC on July 20th. (Seriously, how easy do I need to make this for you?)
COST: $31.99 on Amazon

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